Bombshell Buzzfeed Report Reveals Trusted Traveler Program Suspension was Political Retribution by the Trump Administration

Posted to Applied Web NY on Tue, 02/11/2020 - 13:04

"From the beginning we have said the Trump administration's decision to ban New Yorkers from the trusted traveler program was politically motivated retaliation meant to specifically punish New York. We were right. The leaked DHS memo is the smoking gun that proves that the Trump administration is once again knowingly abusing power by using government to extort states for political purposes, with no rational link to a legitimate policy. We filed a lawsuit to challenge this unconstitutional behavior, which is proven in the Trump administration's own words.

"The memo reported on by BuzzFeed is a clear, documented admission by the Trump administration that they are purposely targeting law-abiding U.S. citizens to play partisan politics. This is Ukraine-style extortion right here in our own country.  The Trump administration should release the memo immediately. 

"Make no mistake: We will not allow New York to be used as President Trump's punching bag, and we will fight against this illegal and retaliatory policy with every tool available until it is overturned."

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