Governor Cuomo and Attorney General James Announce New York State Intends to Sue U.S. EPA for Failing to Meet Goals of Hudson River PCB

Posted to Applied Web NY on Thu, 04/11/2019 - 13:33

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and Attorney General Letitia A. James today announced New York State intends to sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency following the Certificate of Completion issued by the agency for General Electric's cleanup of PCB contamination in the Hudson River. Late last year, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation released a study showing the cleanup of contamination in the upper Hudson River is incomplete and not protective of public health and the environment. At that time, the State demanded that EPA not issue the Certificate of Completion, as PCB - or polychlorinated biphenyls - levels in fish are still above EPA's own acceptable risk range. EPA's decision to issue the Certificate of Completion is contrary to the law and could make it much harder for EPA to require GE to implement more dredging or other remedial measures in the upper Hudson River, as needed to protect public health and the environment. EPA issued the Certificate of Completion on April 11.

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