NYS Senate Minority Leader Flanagan: New State Budget Is New Yorkers’ Worst Nightmare

Posted to Applied Web NY on Mon, 04/01/2019 - 09:53

Senate Democrats Fail Taxpayers, Local Governments, Job Seekers, and Middle-Class Families; Instead, they Deliver for Criminals, Illegal Immigrants, and the Far Left Fringe

Crafted entirely by Democrats in total control of New York’s new one-party government, the 2019-20 state budget includes billions of dollars in new taxes and spending that will make it even more difficult for hardworking, middle-class taxpayers to provide for their families and make ends meet.

The budget includes a multitude of unfunded mandates that will drastically hamper the viability of local governments, and will also enact catastrophic changes to New York’s criminal justice system which will enhance the rights of dangerous criminals over law-abiding citizens.