Statement from Communications Director Dani Lever in Response to Michael Goodwin's Column in the New York Post

Posted to Applied Web NY on Fri, 07/12/2019 - 09:21

"Michael Goodwin's column again shows his political ideology blinds him to obvious and irrefutable facts. Governor Cuomo has never put his politics above the interests of the state. He completed an historic 8 budgets on time working with a Democratic Assembly as well as a Republican-led Senate.

"Governor Cuomo offered the same cooperative posture with President Trump when he was first elected and publicly said he would work with the President to better New York. Two years of outreach and efforts were met with hostility, attacks and a total lack of assistance. The Governor repeatedly met with the President and his administration requesting partnerships on the Gateway Tunnels, LaGuardia Airport and the Second Avenue Subway. Not only has New York received no assistance, but rather a barrage of negative offensive federal actions.

"Proposed budget cuts to Medicaid, education, transportation and housing have been devastating to New York. The federal government took specific aim at the New York State economy with the SALT deduction cap - an effective tax increase. Not to mention the never-ending attacks on our immigrant community, rollbacks of climate protections, and overall hostility toward women's rights and our values of equality and inclusiveness for all.

"If Goodwin were not blinded by his partisanship he would ask President Trump for a modicum of fairness to his hometown and the nation's largest contributor of tax dollars to the federal budget. Goodwin would ask Trump why he is trying to kill the federal government's golden goose. But then again, Goodwin would have to put aside his hyper political, hyper partisan agenda - something he has never done. Trump is not the victim;he is the perpetrator."

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