Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on the MTA

Posted to Applied Web NY on Wed, 06/26/2019 - 17:47

"This Monday I signed legislation that requires the MTA Board to approve a Reorganization Plan by July 30. While the timetable is aggressive, we have spoken about it for months and commuters and taxpayers have had enough delay and the path forward is clear.

"The Subway Action Plan has demonstrated the system's failings and the necessary corrective actions. The reorganization plan must institutionalize the solutions. Chronic management system failures, such as time and attendance, preventive maintenance, signal repairs, purchasing, as well as car and station cleaning, must be put in place and administered by top professionals. A recent letter sent by the TWU also points out the need for an immediate, comprehensive speed limit and safety review, followed by the proper and accurate speed recalibration of the signals so train operators can follow the speed limits without being penalized. And those improvements must be made forthwith. Their impact will be transformative.

"The Subway Action Plan interventions have inarguably improved results. Performance is better. The recent legislative reforms - including the use of design build for construction projects, the debarment of bad contractors, a capital budget review process, $15 billion in new financing supported by Central Business District tolling, the fare evasion plan, 500 additional NYPD and MTA police - will only make the system better.

"The reorganization plan must formalize these lessons so the progress achieved is maintained and taken even further. The reorganization plan must account for the fact that the Subway Action Plan's $836 million infusion has been spent, and we must redesign the organization to incorporate the lessons learned. There is no going back."

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