Staying informed is essential to staying productive.

Applied Web NY monitors relevant websites to find and deliver bulletins from the news media, state government websites, and more. Organized into channels, bulletins are press releases, announcements, calls to action, to do items, articles, links -- basically anything professionals in New York State's public sphere wish to know and share with each other and the general public.

Policy Channels for the things you need to know:

Agriculture | Cultural Affairs, Recreation, Tourism | Economy, Finance, Consumer Affairs | Education | Governmental Operations | Health and Human Services | Infrastructure and Transportation | Law and Justice | Local Government | Politics | Public Safety and Emergency Services | Science, Technology, Environment

Task Channels for the things you need to do:

Advisories | Associations, Non-Profits, Interest Groups | Media | Municipalities | School Districts, Charter Schools, BOCES | State Government

Newspage Channels for a variety of special topics.

Organizations participating in New York's public sphere can each have one free newspage dedicated to a specific topic. Additional newspages are available as part of our promotional services. Organizations interested in setting up a newspage can email support@appliedweb.org for more information.

New York Pulse and SmartWork

In addition to bulletin channels, Applied Web NY provides two special bulletin pages:

New York Pulse for the latest New York state news and events, and

SmartWork for the hot topics that matter most to professionals who depend on the web for work.

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