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How can Applied Web NY help your organization to be better known across New York State?

Applied Web NY offers promotional services designed to enhance the web presence of organizations engaged with New York’s public sphere. Please email to learn more.

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Organizations can show their support for the professionals in New York’s public sphere who depend on the web everyday as an essential tool for work. There are three levels of annual sponsorship:

Tier 3
$100 - $249/year
Tier 2
$250 - $499/year
Tier 1

Free Premium+ Newspages

See service description below.


Home Page Logo & Link

Listed by sponsorship amount from highest to lowest, and then alphabetically.

Bulletin Promotion Discount

See current rates below. Discounts apply during term of sponsorship.





Newspages are collections of bulletins on a specific topic. Newspages are a great way to showcase an issue, cause, or service. Professionals in New York’s public sphere have the following options for setting up a Newspage:


Number of Newspages


Home Page Featured Newspage

Links to Newspages appear on the home page


Home Page Featured Newspage Bulletins

New bulletins appear in the bulletin stream on home page



Bulletin Promotion Rates

The web is a powerful tool for promoting your organization’s message or services. With bulletin promotions on the Applied Web NY website, you can put that tool to work on a site dedicated to serving professionals in New York’s public sphere.

One Year
Six Months
Three Months
One Month

Premium Promoted Bulletin

Bulletin appears at top of home page and channel bulletin streams


Standard Promoted Bulletin

Bulletin appears at top of channel bulletin streams



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