Assembly Minority: NY Majority Attempting To Reverse Public Referendum in Favor of Self-Preservation

Posted to Applied Web NY on Fri, 07/24/2020 - 15:27

The New York State Assembly Minority Conference today criticized their Majority colleagues for their decision to cast aside a public referendum and eliminate any shred of equal representation on the Independent Redistricting Commission.

In 2014, New York voters and Majority legislators overwhelmingly approved a Constitutional Amendment guiding the Independent Redistricting Commission. The guidance was intended to ensure political interests were limited, and full representation was present during the process by which election maps and district boundaries are established.

Today’s legislation stands in complete opposition to redistricting measures Majority politicians previously supported and nullifies the public referendum which also passed in 2014. As a Constitutional Amendment, the bill requires a second passage by the Legislature before moving to a public vote.

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