If the web is an essential part of your workday, then Applied Web NY is your portal to what you need to know — and what you need to do — on the web.

Here at Applied Web NY, we believe the internet is the greatest productivity, collaboration, and communication tool ever invented, and it is our mission to put that tool to work for professionals in New York's public sphere. This includes elected officials, employees, volunteers, and students in government, associations, charities, political groups, and the media. Founded by a team of professionals with over a quarter of a century of combined experience in nonprofit management, public affairs, and technology, Applied Web NY is a public benefit corporation under Article Seventeen of the New York Business Corporation Law.

Applied Web NY provides a variety of free services for elected officials, employees, volunteers, and students in government, associations, charities, political groups, and the media. In addition, we offer promotional services designed to enhance the web presence of organizations active within New York’s public sphere.

Our Services


Find out what’s happening with bulletins posted by our web monitors and conveniently organized into channels.

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The Applied Web NY Slack Team

Network, share, access exclusive content, and get notified. Available by invitation to professionals in New York's public sphere.

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Promotional Services

Raise awareness of an issue, cause, organization, or service with several options to help you get the word out.

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Membership Assessment

Could you benefit from our services? Yes, if any of the following applies to you.

  • New York state public affairs and policy can impact my organization, my profession, my field of study, or the people I serve.
  • I am concerned about how the web can improve access to information and create greater transparency, accountability, and civic engagement, especially in the state of New York.
  • My effectiveness depends on knowing what is happening in New York state public affairs, and I need to monitor a variety of websites to assist me.
  • I need to use the web to share information that is relevant to the public, the media, government officials, or advocates in New York— locally, regionally, or statewide.
  • In order to maximize my productivity and efficiency, I am interested in:
    • Improving my workflow by leveraging the built-in features of my web browser and using add-ons, bookmarklets, and other web-based tools to simplify and speed-up tasks,
    • Using the web to perform common work-related activities such as managing email, appointments, projects, tasks, notes, and contacts,
    • Using the web to create and manage documents or other types of files,
    • Using the web to communicate and collaborate with others,
    • Using the web to perform one or more specialized work-related activities such as social media management, content management, data analysis, customer/constituent/contact relationship management, etc,
    • Maintaining a professional presence online using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or some other social network or blogging platform, or
    • Continuing my education through webinars, virtual conferences, or online courses.

Don’t be overlooked.

With information on what you need to know, and what you need to do, across the whole spectrum of New York public affairs, Applied Web NY is a comprehensive resource for elected officials, employees, volunteers, and students in government, associations, charities, political groups, and the media. Our web monitors work hard to find and post bulletins on what’s happening in New York’s public sphere, but there’s always the chance we’ll miss something. So here’s what you can do to make sure your organization’s efforts are included:

1. Set up a newspage

Does your organization have a mission, cause, or issue that you want to bring to the public’s attention? We can set up a newspage to showcase your submitted bulletins. Newspages are on a topic of your choosing and you provide your own title and description. Newspages also come with special promotional advantages.

2. Submit bulletins

Once your newspage has been created, you can begin submitting bulletins for posting. Bulletins can be either full length items or they can be links to items you have posted elsewhere on the web. Applied Web NY will post your bulletin to your newspage and any appropriate channels to maximize your information’s reach.

3. Let your constituents know

You have probably told your constituents where they can find you on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere on the web. Don’t forget to let them know they can also find you on Applied Web NY, a platform free from the clutter and noise of other sites because it is dedicated to information coming from organizations actively involved in New York state public affairs.

4. Upgrade if needed

If you find that a single newspage is not enough to represent all you do, or you have a mission, cause, or issue that demands a greater sense of urgency, then you can upgrade your service at any time. Check out the variety of promotional services Applied Web NY currently has available to find an option that best meets your needs.

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